Association of Indian Universities” Secretary General Advocates for Optional CUET UG Adoption by Colleges & Universities

The “Association of Indian Universities” Secretary General Pankaj Mittal says the Common University Entrance Test for Undergraduates (or CUET UG) should stay optional for colleges and universities. This means that these schools can choose whether they want to use it.

CUET UG is a test that helps make things easier for students because they only have one test to get into college. Even though it’s a good idea, it isn’t required for all schools yet.

Mittal said that she heard that the Indian Government has recently said that CUET UG should be a choice for schools, not something they have to do. She thinks this is a good idea and hopes it stays this way.

Right now, 206 universities are using the CUET. This includes 44 central universities and 33 state universities. That’s much more than last year when only 90 schools used it.

UGC, which helps to oversee universities in India, has said that all central universities will use a common entrance test like the CUET to decide who gets into their undergraduate courses. This means they won’t be looking at Class 12 marks anymore.

Finally, Mittal said that big bosses from important schools like IITs, IISc, AICTE, NAAC, ICAR, ACU, IIIT, JNU, IGNOU, Symbiosis International, University of Massachusetts, and Bharti Vidyapith would go to a big meeting to talk more about this.

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