How to Become a CA (Chartered Accountant) in India 2022

In India, a Chartered Accountant is an accountant appointed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (CA) of India (ICAI). ICAI tests their knowledge at three levels of testing. The maximum mark for each paper is 100 marks, with a maximum duration of 3 hours. To become a chartered accountant, a candidate must receive 40% in each subject and 50%. ICAI certifies a candidate who has passed all three membership and appointment chartered accountants.

As a chartered accountant dealing with tax matters and business accounting, he is responsible for generation, review, Keeping track of client investment, and directing it to sound business operations. Chartered Accountancy is a course that provides seekers with in-depth knowledge to perform all CA-related activities.

Benefits and Benefits of Chartered Accountancy

In recent times there has been an increase in business, which has increased the need for professionals with sound financial knowledge and Accounts. The most prominent in this field are chartered accountants (CA). They have experience in accounting, taxing, and research. A chartered accountant course is an in-depth financial training and accounting course with a much-needed CA (chartered accountant) job.

Benefits of a Chartered Accountant Course

Growing Sector

Chartered Accountancy is a study with a wide range of consistent growth. History shows that the job of Chartered Accountants is not just to manage accounts but to be separate. The future is bright for CA.

Road to Other Tasks

CA opens up many good job opportunities. A newly appointed CA may choose to start their career or work for a reputable organization. She can learn continuously and is special. From academics to finance, Banking to taxation, Investment banking to outsourcing, he can choose the profile he prefers.

Indispensible Professional

Chartered Accountants (CA) services require not only firms and companies but also individuals or leading employees. No matter the economic downturn, the demand for CAs is stable. That makes the work of the Chartered Accountant more secure.

Benefits of a Chartered Accountancy Course

  • There is no Signing Authority for uneducated CA’s
  • CAS working for organizations does not have the authority to sign or certify balance documents or documents. Luck is only for those who make CA’s.

Difficulty building a Rich Client Base

If you are a CA student, you can earn a lot of money. But one has to remember that income depends on the number of clients. If you can’t attract customers, you may run out of money. You need to gather communication skills to get used to it.

Reading Never Ends

Chartered Accountancy course needs regular updates on the latest trends and processes. Reading and experiencing tests is a common feature. It is a lesson where learning never ends.

Eligibility Criteria of the CA

There are so many eligibility criteria to pursue each step of the CA. The general eligibility criteria are that aspirants should have passed class 12th, aspirants should have from a commerce background and obtain 50% in class 12th.

What Are the Steps to becoming a CA – Ten Steps After 12

  • After 12 days, you can register for the CA-Foundation (Common Proficiency Test (CPT) course; you will receive your Registration Number, User ID, and password through this process.
  • After a four-month study period, you may be able to pass the test. Complete your test form, and you will receive a confirmation card. You should get 40% out of 100 points.
  • After you have passed the CA Foundation Test, you can enroll in an integrated Professional Course (IPCC) or CA-Intermediate.
  • Attend the 30-day Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft skills (ICITSS) course and appear on the exam in four weeks. It is best to complete the lesson before shipping the article. It is best done immediately after registering with the IPCC or CA-Intermediate.
  • You can use an 8-month study period and give IPCC or CA-Intermediate tests. The subjects are in two groups. You can go to one group at a time or both together. The highest marks in each subject are 100 marks, and you should get only 40 points in each subject.
  • Upon completion of CA-Intermediate, join CA-Firm to create your 3-year article ship.
  • You must pass the IPCC with 40 out of 100 marks to register for the CA-Final.
  • You can complete the Integrated Advanced Information Technology Course (ACCESS) and Soft Skills during the article shipping in 4 Weeks.
  • Complete your essay ship to try out the final exams, and get 40 out of 100 points and 50% to become a Chartered Accountant.
  • The final step in becoming an ICAI member is being appointed as a Chartered AccountantToA. to become one, ed to be passed the foundation course, eligibility for the intermediate course and final eligibilty.

How to Become a CA After Graduation or Graduation

  • The candidate does not have to enter the CA-Foundation but can start courses from an integrated professional competence course (IPCC) or a CA-Intermediate level.
  • You need to cancel your graduation or graduation with a minimum of 55% in commercial broadcasting and 60% if you come from other disciplines.
  • You need to enroll in an integrated professional training course (IPCC) or CA-Intermediate.
  •  Follow the same procedure under the heading on how to become a CA – Ten Steps After 12 from place number 4-10
  • Additional Information About CA Course
  • Tests are held twice a year, in May and November. Sign up for the exams in December (May) and June (November)
  • Fees must be paid for registration, examination, online form and Member and Student journals for the CA-Foundation 11,300 examination, IPCC, both parties – 27,200 & one group – 23,200 and Final 32,200 (both parties)
  • You have to answer four papers for the CA-Foundation and two four study groups each for the IPCC and the Finals. The paper has 100 marks, and you should get 40% for each subject and a total of 50%.

High Career Opportunities for Chartered Accountants in India

In terms of jobs, global trade has opened up new avenues for CAs to take full advantage of their capabilities and specialize in subjects such as auditing and ethics, taxation, etc., for the ca-final course. . Specialize in subjects such as auditing and ethics taxation, etc., for the ca-final course. Immediately after the finals, one needs to pick and choose the most attractive career by acquiring skills. There are unlimited job opportunities in CA.


Q. How can I start CA?

Ans: You receive 3 years of mandatory training or Articleship and begin receiving a grant during Articleship training. For the last 6 months of active training, you can register for the Final Level and register for the exam by completing the CA Final exam form or online application form.

Q. What is the maximum salary of a CA?

Ans: The highest salary for a CA is offered for international posting, where they can earn up to 75 lakhs per annum. The highest salary for a CA for a domestic posting falls within the range of 25-45 lakhs per annum.

Q. Can I complete CA in 3 years?

Answers. The minimum duration to pursue CA after graduation is 3 years. You can directly take IPCC exams after 9 months of registering yourself. You also need to complete 2.5-3 Years of Articleship to become a Chartered Accountant.

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