Can I crack JEE mains in 2 months?

You all know that JEE exam is coming, you all have less time and all of you are watching this JEE Mains in 2 months my team is a small step for you to clear JEE Mains in 2 months time table. Brought the way.

Can I crack JEE mains in 2 months?

JEE mains in 2 months: IIT JEE seems to be a tough test, but in reality, it is not as difficult as everyone says. The only challenge that many students face is having to prepare for the Board and IIT JEE exams. However, with proper preparation and dedication, it is easy to break the IIT JEE.

Although the journey of students from class 12 to IIT is one of the most difficult, there are many preparation strategies they can follow to overcome not only the above challenge but also many other obstacles. We have provided a few preparation tips that will help students easily break the IIT JEE and answers that how can I crack JEE Mains in 2 months. Let’s go through them below.

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How to Prepare for JEE mains in 2 months

1. Plan Your Lessons Well

  • Create a learning plan. It helps you to plan all the topics that need to be discussed. Use a digital calendar and give a title based on the number of hours you can save.
  • Study for at least 8 hours a day.
  • Share one complex topic and one simple topic.
  • Include topics from Mathematics in daily lessons.
  • Solve Physical Problems Every Day.
  • Creating a curriculum is important, but very important, religiously following the IIT JEE curriculum.

2. Books – The Great Savior

Literature is a very important tool when it comes to preparing for IIT JEE. With a sufficient number of textbooks available on the market, it is difficult to select the appropriate JEE Main or Advanced textbook. NCERT Books is the God of JEE preparation books. In addition to the NCERT publications, refer to the standard textbooks.

  • Physics- Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma
  • Statistics- Problems Plus in A Das Gupta’s IIT Mathematics
  • Chemistry – Arihant master resource book for JEE

3. Give Mock Tests

Solve papers from years ago and go to humorous tests every two weeks. By giving mock tests,

  • You will be familiar with the IIT JEE test pattern
  • It helps you manage time
  • It can improve your speed and accuracy
  • It helps you to understand the level of reading

4. Read Where You Want

Different people have different abilities. So, in a similar way, not all students are diligent or attentive. Few of the students are early morning birds, preferring to get up early and read and few are placards who prefer to study late at night. Know what part of the day you are busy with and learn at the same time as it helps to focus more and helps you to keep it better. 

5. Learning strategies

  • Not only hard work, but smart work is also important when preparing for IIT JEE. Follow learning strategies that help you simplify difficult thoughts and help you remember ideas better. Students can try a few of the strategies outlined below to improve their reading.
  • Use the mind mapping technique to understand complex concepts. It is a strategy that involves capturing the topic and integrating other related topics. Use different colours to make a mind map that helps you remember better.
  • This is a process in which key functions are represented by blocks and lines. It is widely used to represent interpersonal relationships.
  • Flow charts can be used to represent workflow, process, or step-by-step representation solutions.
  • Following the above-suggested points, anyone can crack JEE Main in 2 months.
  • All the best with IIT JEE.

You can revise for JEE mains only exam in 2 months.


Q. Can I crack JEE mains in 2 months?

Ans: Most of the students have questions in their minds can they crack JEE Mains in 5 months or in 2 months? One can count the number of days left for JEE Main 2022 exam. As the JEE Main 2022 April attempt is scheduled to be conducted on April 21, 24, 25, 29 and May 1 & 4, candidates now need to have a 1 monthly preparation strategy to crack the exam. Though it is advised to prepare well in advance.

Q. Can I crack JEE in 15 days?

Ans: It is difficult to crack JEE Main in 15 days. You can try to get good marks in your exam so you can be motivated and motivated. You can focus on important topics that carry a lot of weight in the test.

Q. Is JEE Main easy?

Ans: JEE Main is considered one of the most difficult tests in India that requires patience and hard work to succeed. Students who want to take the exam begin preparing for the 11th grade so that they can pass the test successfully.

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