Can I crack NEET in 2 months?

crack NEET: National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Known NEET is an examination for medical admission at the national level. Those wishing to secure a seat in any state or private college should complete NEET. As it is one of the most difficult entrance tests in the country, one has to be focused and work hard to complete it. Students should have a special concentration and should study at least 11-14 hours daily. The past few months will be very important in preparing for NEET. Here’s what they want to do to increase their chances of cracking NEET-UG.


  • Review notes and diagrams in NCERT from the NEET syllabus.
  • Make notes on topics that you often forget. Attach it to walls or furniture that you look at often, and update one of them daily.
  • Topics such as the morphology of plants, animals, and plant diversity are important to NEET.
  • Genetics and biotechnology play a major role in NEET as well. First, grasp the concept and then practice as much as you can.
  • Topics such as zoology and biology should be reviewed at the end of the day.


  • In Organic Chemistry, learn how the reaction progresses with each step, the concept involved, and make sure you memorize all the most well-named reactions.
  • Understand concepts such as acidity, base, strength, and familiarity with last year’s papers with questions based on them.
  • In Physical Chemistry, all formulas and their application and rules should be in your tips.


  • One must have knowledge of all the formulas and strategies. Modern Physics is usually a high point for scoring points. Questions can be challenging, requiring precision.
  • Solve 15 to 20 exemplar question papers and papers from previous years.
  • Since NEET targets are not automatic biologists, focus more on Physics and understanding concepts. This will give you more control over the others and help you get better points.
  • Practice, practice, and exercise. Consistency is key. Your preparation should be flawless, with time management and precision levels of accuracy.

Choose and stick to the plan and the strategies that you have been following for a long time and that you feel are most beneficial. Be sure of your NEET preparation and try to focus on studying. Relax well with food and allow yourself to relax during study hours to refresh your mind and increase its final capacity.

In case you are unable to read for long hours or are accustomed to short-term attention, you can attend video lessons, both of which are interesting and serve as memory enhancements. And it is the best way to review, as the mind always remembers what it sees.


Q. Can NEET crack 2 months from zero level?

Ans: Cracking NEET within two months seems impossible but if you evaluate yourself on what you have done and what you should do, then it becomes affordable. The past months are a very important time to believe and work that you will end it, whether Anyone has done it or not.

Q. How many hours should I study to crack NEET in 2 months?

Answers. Post board exams, one needs to allocate at least 12-15 hours a day to prepare for the NEET exam. The following are some suggestions on how to prepare for your NEET study planner.

Q. Can I crack NEET in 1 month?

Ans: Many students often ask, “Is 30 days enough to prepare for NEET?” or “Can I crack NEET in just one month?” We definitely say “Yes!”, As long as the students bring their best to the last month.

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