All You Need to Know About the CBSE Class 10 2023 Syllabus, Exam Pattern & Duration

CBSE Class 10: Secondary School or the 10th standard is the most important standard in every student’s life. 10th standard is like a new journey that will end with one of life’s great experiences. For starting this beautiful journey first know the road map of the journey. Here we are sharing with you CLass 10th Syllabus for session 2022-2023.


Most of the subjects are the same that you have studied in previous classes, so there is no need to take any tension that in 10th standard you have to study any new subject.

  • Science
  • Maths 
  • Social Studies 
  • English 
  • Hindi
  • Additional Subjects( These subjects depend on the school)

Class 10th Exam

In class 10th CBSE organises board exams based on the NCERT books syllabus.

CBSE Class 10 2023 Syllabus

CBSE Class 10 Science Syllabus

S.NoChapter Name 
2.Nature and Behavior of Nature
3.The world of the living
4.Natural Phenomenon 
5.How things work
6.Natural Resources 
7.Moving things, people and ideas

CBSE Class 10 2023 Maths Syllabus

1.Number System 
3.Coordinate Geometry
6.Statics and Probability 

CBSE Class 10 Social Studies  Syllabus

S.NoUnit Name
1.India and Contemporary India
2.Contemporary India 
3.Democratic Politics

CBSE Class 10 English and Hindi Syllabus

2.Grammar and writing part
3.Reading part

Significance of becoming familiar with Class 10th Board Exam

  • Students will know in which direction they need to work.
  • Students will get the information about the chapters they will study in class 10th.
  • In the Class 10 syllabus, CBSE also mentions the important topic that the chapter covers so that students can know about the concepts included in a particular chapter.

Exam pattern

As we all know that due to the Corona Pandemic, there are many changes in our lives, CBSE decided to take the board exam in two phases.

One is a Multiple Choice Based paper

Another one is a descriptive and MCQ type paper 

The students that are in the 10th class have given the MCQ based exam in December 2021 and will give their descriptive exam in April 2022.

Change in 10th Board Exam Pattern

But for 2022-2023 10th students, CBSE decided to organise one exam for 10th and 12th board, therefore in 2022-2023 session board exam will organised in one phase.

But there is also changes in the exam pattern of Class 10th for session 2022-2023. The paper will consists 40% Multiple Choice Questions, 20% Competency Based Question and 40% long and short question, so the new pattern is like a boon for class 10th students.

Comparison of 9th and 10th standard

It is believed that 9th is more difficult than 10th. If you score better in the 9th standard then there is more chance that your 10th result will be good. One of the reasons is that the chapter you have read in 9th standard is more difficult than the chapter in 10th standard. Many students feel that the 10th standard chapter, especially Maths and science, is easier than the 9th standard.

Class 10th Importance 

  • The 10th syllabus is a base for the 11th and 12th classes.
  • Most students decide in the 10th class which stream they want to choose.
  • In the 10th class, students are introduced to the board exam for the first time and gain confidence for the 12th Board Exam.
  • For many courses, 10th results have importance.
  • Many students go for diploma courses based on their 10th result.

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Que: What is the procedure to download Class 10th Board admit cards?

Ans: You can easily download the Board admit card from the official website of CBSE.

Q. Is there any change in class 10th 2023 board syllabus?

Ans: Yes, the pattern of the class 10th board 2022- 2023 is not similar to class 10th board 2021-2022

Q. Is class 10th hard?

Ans: No, class 10th is not hard. Like your other classes you need to do good study to get the good marks in board exam.

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