CBSE Class 12 Commerce Syllabus 2022-23

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Syllabus 2023

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Syllabus: Every year CBSE organises the 12th Board examination. The first step to preparing for the Board Exam is to know your syllabus completely. Here we give details about CBSE Class 12 Syllabus 2023 for Commerce students.

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Here we are providing you with CBSE Class 12  Commerce Syllabus 2023

Syllabus of Business for Board Examination

  1. Principles and Function of Management
Chapter NumberChapter NameImportant Topic
1Nature and Significance of ManagementManagement MeaningCharacteristics of ManagementObjectives of ManagementImportance of ManagementFunction of ManagementCoordinationNeed for Coordination
2. Principles of ManagementPrinciples of ManagementNature of Principles of ManagementSignificance of the Principles of ManagementFayol’s Principles of ManagementScientific Management
3.Business EnvironmentFeatures of Business EnvironmentImportance of Business EnvironmentComponents of Business EnvironmentEconomic Environment in IndiaImpact of government policy changes on Business and India
4.PlanningImportance of PlanningLimitations of PlanningCharacteristics of PlanningTypes of Plan
5.OrganisingDefinition of OrganisingProcess of organizing importance of OrganisingTypes of Organisation StructureFormal OrganisationInformal OrganisationDelegation of AuthorityDecentralisation
6.StaffingRequirement and Significance of StaffingHuman Resource ManagementProcess of StaffingRecruitmentSelection Training
7.DirectingDefinition of DirectingElements of DirectionMaslow’s Need Hierarchy- Theory of MotivationFinancial and Nonfinancial IncentivesDifferent types of leadership stylesCommunication and its importanceAdvantage and DIsadvantageBarrier to Effective Communication
8.ControllingDefinition of ControllingFeature of ControllingImportance of ControllingControlling ProcessRelationship between Controlling and Planning
  1. Business Finance and Marketing
Chapter NumberChapter NameImportant Topics
1.Financial Management Introduction Role and aim of financial management Financial planning and decisions  capital structure fixed and working capital
2.Financial MarketsIntroduction Types of Financial Markets Security and Exchange Board of India
3.Marketing Management Definition, role and philosophiesMarketing MixPhysical Distribution Promotion 
4.Consumer Project Significance of Consumer Protection Consumer Protection Act, 2019Consumer Rights and the role played by consumer

Part C: Project

The project carries 30 marks.

Syllabus of Accountancy for Board Examination 

Part A


UnitUnit NameImportant Topics
Accounting for Partnership Firmsfundamental change in Profit Sharing RatioAdmission of a Partner
Accounting for Not for Profit Organization Differences between NGOs and profit mankind organization receipts and payment
Company AccountsAccounting for share accounting for Debentures

Part B

UnitUnit NameImportant TopicsWeightage
Financial Statement of a CompanyStatement of Profit and loss balance sheet Tools of ratio analysis
Cash Flow Definition of cash FlowObjectives of cash FlowPreparation of Cash Flow

Part C: Project

The project carries 30 marks.

Syllabus of Economics for Board Examination 

Chapter NumberChapter NameWeightage 
1.Related Aggregate and National Income12
2.Banking and Money6
3.Determination of Employment and Income10
4.Economy and the Government Budget6
5.Balance of Payment6

B: Indian Economic Development 

Chapter NumberChapter NameWeightage 
1.Development Experience and Economic  Reforms since 199112
2.Current Challenges facing the Indian Economy 22
3.Development Experience in India6
CBSE Class 12  Commerce Syllabus 2023

Part C: Project

The project carries 20 marks.

Syllabus of Maths for Board Examination (Theory)

S. No.Chapter NameWeightage
1Relation and Functions8
2Matrices and Determinants10
3Continuity and Differentiation16
4Integration and Applications of Integers10
5Differential equations9
6Vectors and 3-D Geometry14
7Linear Programming 5
Assessment (Internal)20

Syllabus of English for Board Examination (Theory)

S.No.PoetryChapter (Vistas)Chapter(Flamingo)
My Mother at Sixty SixThe Tiger KingThe Last Lesson
2.An Elementary School Classroom in a SlumThe EnemyLost Spring
3.Keeping QuietShould the wizard hit mommy?Deep Water
4.A Thing of BeautyOn the face of itThe Rattrap
5.Aunt Jennifer’s TigerEvans Tries an O LevelIndigo
6.Memories of ChildhoodGoing Places

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Is Commerce a difficult stream?

Ans: No, Commerce is not difficult, if you study a subject in Commerce, you will become familiar with the concepts.

What are the subjects in Commerce in 12th Class?

Ans: Language subject (English, Hindi), Maths, Accountancy, Economics, Business and optional subjects.

Q. From where I can download commerce paper 2022 for class 12th?

Ans: On you can download Class 12th previous year papers for all subjects of the Commerce stream.

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