CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Syllabus: Everything You Need to Know

CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Syllabus: The school curriculum is a dynamic process. This constant reflects the needs and desires of the learners. In more recent times, our society has been influenced by the creation of knowledge and technological advances. Innovation and innovation skills are very important in all areas of life, including the business environment.

This makes business education very important in improving the quality of life. Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in economic growth and development. As the world economy changes, so does the power of the business world. This course aims to instil and stimulate entrepreneurial spirit in students. This lesson aims to create “service providers rather than job seekers”.

It would help if you practised Multiple Choice Questions on Entrepreneurship and previous year question paper to get good marks in Entrepreneurship Board Exam 2023


Business Development is a life skill to improve quality of life, creative skills, and manage business activities. To develop business ideas among high school children. 

We are encouraging school children to choose self-employment to earn a decent living. 

To enable learners to inform the changes taking place in the economy. 

To acquaint students with the role of Business in the growth and development of the national economy. 

CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Syllabus (2022-23)

01Entrepreneurial Opportunity 30
02Entrepreneurial Planning
03Enterprise Marketing20
04Enterprise Growth Strategies
05Business Arithmetic20
06Resource Mobilization
Project Work30


Unit 1: Entrepreneurial Opportunity
Competencies: Scanning the environment; Analytical and logical thinking;
Innovation and creativity; Decision making; self-confidence

Contents :

  • Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Environment Scanning
  • Problem Identification
  • Idea fields
  • Spotting Trends
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Selecting the Right Opportunity

Unit 2: Entrepreneurial Planning
Competencies: Analytical and critical thinking; personal responsibility;
determination; Resourceful; collaboration

Contents :

  • Forms of business organization- Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Company
  • Business Plan: concept, format.
  • Components: Organizational plan; Operational plan; Production plan; Financial plan; a Marketing plan; Human Resource plan

Unit 3: Enterprise Marketing
Competencies: Persistence, Negotiation, Collaboration, Ethical behaviour, team

Contents :

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Branding, Logo, Tagline
  • Promotion Strategy

Unit 4: Enterprise Growth Strategies
Competencies: Need for achievement, Initiative, Analytical thinking, risk vs reward, collaboration, synergy, leadership,

Contents :

  • Franchising: Concept and types
  • Franchising: Advantages and limitations to franchisor and franchisee.
  • Mergers and Acquisition: Concept, reasons, and types.
  • Reasons for mergers and acquisitions

Unit 5 Business Arithmetic
Competencies: Arithmetic skills, critical analysis, decision making, self-confidence, problem-solving.


  • Unit of Sale, Unit Cost for multiple products or services
  • Break-even Analysis for multiple products or services
  • Computation of Working Capital
  • Inventory Control and EOQ
  • Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Equity (ROE)

Unit 6: Resource Mobilization
Competencies: Risk-taking, Communication, Persuasion, Networking, Ethical behaviour


  • Capital Market: Concept
  • Primary market: Concept, methods of issue
  • Angel Investor: Features
  • Venture Capital: Features, funding.


Q. Is the syllabus reduced for class 12 2023?

Ans: It should be noted that the syllabus for class 12 2023 has been significantly revised and not reduced. The entire syllabus for the CBSE Board Exams 2023 is available at In addition, students are advised to check the entire syllabus and prepare for the test accordingly.

Q. Is entrepreneurship a scoring subject in CBSE?

Ans: The entrepreneurship paper is one of the main subjects of the Commerce stream students and is also a very scoring subject, provided the concepts are clear and the formulas remembered by heart.

Q. What are the best 4 rules in CBSE?

Ans: All subjects included in the ‘Four Best’ calculations must have at least a 70% theory test. According to pro-rata, if the subject under consideration does not contain at least 70% of the theory, theoretical and practical marks will be converted to 70% and 30%, respectively.

Q. From where do I can download the Entrepreneurship notes PDF?

Ans: You can download the Entrepreneurship notes PDF on easily.

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