CBSE Class 12 Hindustani Percussion Syllabus 2022 2023

CBSE Syllabus for Class 12 Hindustani Percussion: Knowing the syllabus is very important for Class 12. and provide a list of topics that every student needs to understand.
The CBSE Class 12 Hindustani Music (Melodic Instrument) syllabus for the 2022-2023 academic year is based on Board guidelines.

Students should read the 12th class of Hindustani Music (Melodic Instrument) to learn the subject headings and subheadings. Students will find unit names, chapters under each unit, and subheadings under each chapter in the CBSE Class 12 Music syllabus (Melodic Instrument) pdf 2022-2023. They will also receive a complete working-class syllabus for Class 12 Hindustani Music (Melodic Instrument) in addition to this.

What is Hindustani Percussion?

Hindustani percussion includes various instruments of India. Hindustani percussion involves The various percussion instruments featured in the recording are the pakhawaj, tabla, mridangam, ghatam, thavil, khanjira, nakkara, sambal, karadi edakka, chenda, mizhavu, tala, dimdi, khartal, pung, mandar, dup, dholak, morchang, badangshi, bhapang, maan, karadi majalu and tayambaka.

Course Syllabus

S.noTopicsNo of Period
1Ability to Play Theka of Rupak on Tabla or Pakhawaj with simple elaborations.15
2ThreeKayda, OneRela, OneSadharanTukra or Paran, One ChakradarTukra or Paran, One FarmaichiChakrader in prescribed Talas20
3(a) Ability to play One Advance Kayadas/ Relas with two Paltas and Tihai, One simple Tukras, One Sadharan Chakradar Tukras or Parans, Two Damdar Tihais and one Paran in Rupak or Tevra Tala20
4Recitation of the prescribed Talas and composition with Thah, Dugun and Chaugun Laya keeping Tala with hand beats.18
5A few simple laggis in Dadra on Pakhawaj6
6Knowledge of tuning of instrument opted for5
7Solo performance of anyone Tala of choice from the prescribed syllabus for 10-15 minutes10
8Ability to accompanist Folk songs3
9Ability to accompaniment with classical music – vocal3

Q. Is there any change in the class 12 syllabus?

Answer. CBSE has reduced the syllabus divided into two terms. Students are encouraged to study the tests according to the curriculum provided in this article.

Q. Will there be the term 1 and term 2 exams in 2023?

Answer. CBSE has cancelled Terms 1 and 2 Examinations of 2023 and will instead hold Class 10 and 12 examinations only once. Earlier, the board had announced that it would hold pre-epidemic board trials from the next study session.

Q. Can I leave maths in Class 12?

There are a few lessons and activities in which Mathematics in class 12 is defined as a way to determine eligibility. If you plan to pursue any of these, you will not be able to leave Mathematics.

Q. How many ragas are there in Hindustani music?

Ans: In Hindustani music, there are 83 ragas.

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