CBSE Class 12 History syllabus 2023

CBSE Class 12 History syllabus 2023

Class 12 History syllabus: The new CBSE class 12 2022 history syllabus is provided below. We have shared the History syllabus for the 12th CBSE class for 2022-2023 in line with the new curriculum determined by the relevant authority. You can download the CBSE class 12 pdf history syllabus for reuse.

By focusing on a series of critical historical issues and debates (class XI) or a variety of important historical sources (class XII), students will be introduced to a set of important historical events and processes. Discussing these themes is hoped that it will allow readers to not only be aware of these events and processes but also to have an interest in reading history.

However, a practical way to assess whether the learning objectives are realistic or not can be verified in a way that has the stated outcomes. These outcomes were calculated against the learning objectives so that the relevant teachers and their students could apply a variety of constructive and competency-based assessment strategies. It should also be understood that the learning objectives and their outcomes are naturally connected and complementary.

Course Structure

Sr noThemeNo of Periods
Themes in Indian History Part-I15
1Bricks, Beads and Bones15
2Kings, Farmers and Towns15
3Kinship, Caste and Class15
4Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings15
Themes In Indian History Part-II
5Through the Eyes of Travellers15
6Bhakti –Sufi Traditions15
7An Imperial Capital: Vijayanagar15
8Peasants, Zamindars and the State15
Themes In Indian History Part-III
10Colonialism and The Countryside15
11Rebels and the Raj15
13Mahatma Gandhi and the Nationalist Movement15
15Framing the Constitution15
Including Map Work of The Related Themes15
Project work25

Q. Is Class 12 history hard?

Ans: According to these students, the CBSE Class 12 History test was very difficult and a little longer. Students feel frustrated as the Grade 12 History test was less than expected. Over the years, the History paper was at a difficult and slightly longer level at the same time. The questions were difficult again.

Q. How many books are there in CBSE class 12 history?

Ans: History Class 12th Ncert With Fullmarks History Guide (Set Of 4 Books) (Paperback, Ncert)

Q. Who wrote the class 12 history book?

Ans: Bhartiya Itihaas Ke Pramukh Tatv (Textbook of History) for Class 12 by Dr BB Chawdhry.

Q. From where can I download the History syllabus in Hindi?

Ans: You can easily download the History syllabus in Hindi on

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