CUET Biology Mock Test  2024 (New Pattern)

Hey there, friend! Are you preparing for CUET 2024 and wondering how to ace the biology section? Well, look no further. Your success strategy is the CUET Biology Mock Test 2024 (New Pattern).

A mock test, you say?

Absolutely! Imagine knowing the questions beforehand or, at least, their format. The stress would lessen, right?

That’s exactly what our CUET Biology Mock Test 2024 does. And the cherry on top? It’s available not just in English but in Hindi too! 

This CUET Biology Mock Test in Hindi and English is designed to mimic the actual exam closely. From the straightforward to the tricky questions, everything’s covered. But there’s more to it than just questions.
First, you must know the exam pattern, and then see the cuet syllabus. Only then will you be able to give these mock tests well and get good marks in the exam? 

Our Free Cuet Ug Free Bio Mock Test 2024

Biology Mock Test – 1

Biology Mock Test – 2

Biology Mock Test – 3

Biology Mock Test – 4

Biology Mock Test – 5

Benefits of CUET Biology Mock Test 2024 

CUET Mock Test 2024  offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it provides a real exam experience – the structure, the timing, and even the pressure.

The CUET Biology Test Series Free provides exams that align with the most recent CUET Biology exam pattern.

Secondly, the mock test is the perfect rehearsal. It highlights your strengths and weaknesses, helping you focus your efforts effectively.

Lastly, practice indeed makes perfect! Our CUET ug Biology Mock Test 2024 ensures you get plenty of that.

Now, maybe you’re wondering about the ‘new pattern’. Well, the pattern change shouldn’t worry you. Our mock test is up-to-date, reflecting the latest pattern in the actual CUET 2024 exam. This way, you won’t face any surprises on the examination day.

About CUET Biology Mock Test 2024 

Our cuet ug science mock test series is a comprehensive practice tool. From basic biology to complex biological systems, our mock test covers everything.

It is designed to match the actual CUET 2024 Biology exam in style, difficulty, and coverage.

Whether you need the test in Hindi or English, we’ve got you covered. We offer the CUET Biology Mock Test in Hindi Medium and the CUET ug Bio Mock Test Free 2024 in English. This way, you can prepare in the language you’re most comfortable with.

How to Take CUET Biology Mock Test 2024?

Taking the CUET science Mock Test 2024 is easy and convenient. Just visit our website,, and you’re ready to go.

Whether you prefer using a mobile or a computer, you can take our online test from anywhere, anytime. You can even download the cuet bio mock test with answers PDF Free Download and practice offline at your convenience.

Why Choose the Online Free Mock Test Series for CUET Biology?

How are your CUET preparations going? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry! The Online Free Mock Test Series for CUET Bio is here to give you that much-needed confidence boost. 

These mock tests are designed keeping the latest CUET exam pattern in mind, providing a real exam environment.

By practising with these tests, you clearly understand the exam format, the type of questions, and the time pressure during the actual exam. 

Not just that! The Online Free Mock Test Series for CUET Biology provides detailed solutions for each question.

This helps you to identify your weak point and work on them. Moreover, these tests are available in English and Hindi, catering to students from different regions. 

My friend, consistent practice with these mock tests will make the CUET Biology exam feel like just another practice session.

So, what are you waiting for? Jumpstart your CUET preparations today with our online free mock test series!


So, there you have it, buddy! The secret to success in the CUET 2024 Biology exam: the cuet biology model question paper 2024. It’s not just a practice paper. It’s a complete guide for your success.

So, gear up, take the test, and pave your path to a bright future. Remember, it’s all about practice and understanding. As they say, “The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle.” Good luck, my friend!

Leap your CUET success. Try the cuet biology mcq 2024 (New Pattern) today!

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Q1. What are some primary and significant topics covered in the CUET Biology subject?

Some primary and significant topics covered in the CUET Biology Syllabus of CUET-2023 are Genetics & Evolution, Biotechnology & its Applications, Ecology & Environment, Human Reproduction, Heredity, and Variation.

What will the CUET Biology Full Test Consist of?

The full text is a comprehensive examination covering all major biology topics, similar to the CUET exam.

Q3. How to prepare for the CUET 2023 biology paper?

Practice with the latest mock test and solve the previous year’s paper but also don’t forget to make a timetable for daily revision.

Q3. What is the number of questions in the CUET Biology Section?

The CUET Biology domain is covered in Question Paper Section II. Biology question papers have 50 questions, 40 of which must be answered.

Q4. What are the total marks of the CUET Biology Section?

A candidate must respond to 40 questions on the CUET Biology Exam for 200 marks, each with a maximum score of 5 points.

Q5. What does UGC set the eligibility criteria for applying to Biology?

Aspirants should have passed the 10+2 or the 10+3 diploma approved by the State Board of Technical Education with a minimum of 50% marks to apply for the domain of Biology.

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