CUET Latest News: More time for subjects requiring calculations

CUET News update

NEW DELHI: Today the most important news has come for the aspirants who are preparing for CUET 2023 exam. Aspirants appearing for subjects like mathematics and accountancy will get 15 to 20 minutes additional than other subjects in the Common University Entrance Test- Undergraduate (CUET- UG) 2023.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has also increased the number of subjects an aspirant can pick to 10 including languages.

The decision was taken based on feedback from aspirants and parents sought by the agency for making the system fairer and further transparent for the aspirants. One of the major grudges among the CUET- UG aspirants last time was that they couldn’t complete the subjects where computations were involved in the given 45 minutes. So this is very beneficial news for the aspirants who are preparing for the CUET exam emphasis on calculations & speed as well.

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