CUET Latest News: More time for subjects requiring calculations

Great news for CUET 2023 exam candidates! In an important development today, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced that aspirants appearing for subjects such as mathematics and accountancy in the Common University Entrance Test- Undergraduate (CUET- UG) 2023 will receive an additional 15 to 20 minutes.

Based on feedback from aspirants and their parents, this move aims to make the examination system fairer and more transparent. A major concern previously expressed by CUET- UG aspirants was the insufficient time to complete subjects involving computational tasks within the stipulated 45 minutes. The extended duration will undoubtedly be beneficial for those needing extra time for calculations.

In another significant announcement, NTA has increased the number of subjects an aspirant can choose to 10, including languages.

This latest development underscores the importance of preparing meticulously for the CUET 2023 exam. With the extra time and wider choice of subjects, you now have an even better chance of performing well in the CUET. This is indeed exciting news, encouraging you to double down on your preparations, especially in computation-intensive subjects. Stay focused, keep practicing, and let’s march confidently towards your CUET 2023 goal!

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