What is the full form of DGP, DSP, SP, ASP, and ACP?

full form of DGP: DGP is a Director General of Police. In India, DGP is the highest rank in the police. DGP is also referred to as the State police chief. DGP is the head of the particular state police. The selection of DGP is done from the IPS cadre. All States have their own DGP that heads the police force. 

In 2006 court passed the judgement by Prakash Singh that DGP is selected through the UPSC exam.

Role Played by DGP

  • DGP act as an advisory to the government of the state. They are responsible for advising about the issues relates to crime, law, public awareness and security. 
  • DGP can make rules according to police activity in order to maintain law in their state and can order issues.
  • DGP can take appropriate action in situations of riots, disputes or strikes to handle the situation properly.
  • On official tours and visits of ministers, DGP is responsible for their security and also mentions to the minister about their travelling schedule.
  • DGP are responsible to provide required training and aware the police force of their duties.

Salary of a DGP

DGP is the highest rank in the police department and is responsible to maintain law and order in a state or union territory. The salary paid by the government to the DGP is around 2,25,000 per month and other facilities are also provided by the government.

Other facilities that government provide to DGP:

  1. House in government apartment or rent of the house
  2. Medical services
  3. Helpers
  4. Official vehicles and guards
  5. Retirement benefits, study abroad, lifetime pension

Difference between DGP and Commissioner

Commissioner is the head of several districts and DGP is the head of state police. It is not mandatory that all states or UT have commissioners but DGP rank is available in each state and in each Union territory. Commissioner reports DGP and DGP reports home secretary. In some states, DGP is commissioners like in Mumbai, and Delhi.

Eligibilty Criteria for DGP

The aspirant should have completed their bachelor’s degree.

The aspirant should have passed UPSC.

The aspirant should have been selected as IPS in the UPSC exam.

IPS are promoted to three-star DGP rank, so to get promotion as DGP, aspirants first have to become DGP.

How to Become an IPS?

In India, there is two way to become IPS.

  1. A person in a post of state police gets the promotion and can become IPS.
  2. A person willing to become IPS without promotion has to pass the UPSC exam.

UPSC exam

There are three exams under UPSC 

  1. Preliminary exam
  2. Main written
  3. Interview

UPSC select 150 candidates for the post of IPS every year.


Q. How to become DGP?

Ans: There are two ways to become DGP. One is to get a promotion from the post of state police to three rank DGP and another is to clear the UPSC exam and become IPS and then get promoted to the three-star rank.

Q. Is Commissioner the higher than DGP?

Ans: No, the commissioner has to report DGP, so the commissioner is not higher than DGP. In someplace like Mumbai and Delhi Commissioner is a DGP.

Q. Is becoming DGP a tough task?

Ans: If you want to become DGP and you are ready to do hard work then becoming DGP is not a big task for you.

Q. What is the full form of DGP in Hindi?

Ans: Full form of DGP in hindi is डायरेक्टर जनरल ऑफ़ पुलिस.

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