Geography Free Mock test For Cuet

Preparation is essential for achieving high marks in the CUET 2023 Geography exam. It is, therefore, vital that you practise often. It is recommended that aspirants solve Geography MCQs for CUET Exam, practice exams, and previous year’s question papers before taking their exams.

This will benefit their future for the CUET and other competitive exams and practice geography-related questions. Our subject matter experts have prepared these geography-related questions based on the syllabus and examination pattern.

Our geography subject experts have designed these multiple-choice questions after analysing the previous year’s question papers & sample papers of the CUET. In this mock geography test, we covered all the topics as per exam difficulty level, so do not worry; go and check out the CUET geography mock test.

Practice Geography MCQs for CUET Exam 2023

Geography CUET 2023 FAQS-

Q1. What is the CUET Geography Syllabus 2023?

Ans: The CUET Geography Syllabus consists of ten modules in total. One of the many topics covered in Section II is geography (Domain Specific Subject). The physical characteristics of the earth and its atmosphere, etc., are geography topics at CUET.

Q2: Which books are the finest for the CUET Geography Syllabus?

Ans: You can refer to the following CUET Geography syllabus books:
1. NCERT Fundamentals of Human Geography
2. NCERT India People and Economy

Q3: Has the official CUET Geography Syllabus recently changed?

Ans: No! The official CUET Geography Syllabus has stayed the same recently. Even so, if there are any changes in the future, the National Testing Agency, which administers the exam, will inform the candidates well in advance.

Q4: How many questions will be asked in Geography in the CUET Exam 2023?

Ans: There will be 50 questions from Geography Subject in the CUET Exam 2023, of which you have to attempt only 40 questions.

Q5: Can I complete Geography Syllabus in one month?

Ans: Yes, You can complete the CUET Geography Syllabus with the right preparation strategy.