How is JEE Main Percentile Calculated?

JEE Main Percentile has been Calculated: The National Testing Agency reports the Great JEE result in the form of a percentage point. They use a standard formula to calculate JEE Main percentile points for candidates. This article provides the JEE Main percentile and familiarity formula used by the NTA. The NTA prepares JEE Main rank list based on percentage points and not on protected marks who wish to enter.

The JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) Main is one of the most important engineering tests in the country. The NTA conducts testing. Every year, millions of young people take admitted to various engineering courses (B.Tech) at some of the most sought-after colleges in the country. Eligible students are protected based on the points obtained and the percentage of people who will be enrolled in the JEE Main Exam which, if eligible, will continue to offer JEE Advanced to gain accredited IIT. Read more to find out about the JEE Main Percentile calculation, NTA bond breakdown guidelines, and the practice process used to assign candidates to candidates.

Overview of JEE Main 2022

The NTA will conduct the survey twice this year, giving candidates the ability to score their desired points and rating. This paper contains three sections with questions from the Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry subjects. All questions are weighted, picking up four marks for each correct answer and one negative mark for each incorrect answer.

The paper pattern may remain the same as in previous years. However, candidates should note that the paper pattern has changed over the past year as the number of questionnaires increased from 25 to 30, and the internal selection is within the question. The JEE 2022 test plan is yet to be announced by the NTA.

What is the percentile in JEE Main?

The percentile is used to calculate the related performance of students who appear in a particular test.

In JEE, it indicates the percentage of students who obtained equal or lower marks in that examination period. For example, if the score falls to the 70th percentile, 70% of all recorded points are low, so the higher (100th percentile) gets the highest score on the test.

Note: Percentile is different in percentage so it will be a continuation of the raw result of the candidate. The percentage of total marks will NOT be the sum or percentage of each of the subjects in the test, according to the guidelines set by the NTA.

How to calculate the JEE Main Percentile?

Percentile Score = 100 x (Total number of students who scored equal to or less than the student) / (Total number of students appearing in that particular assessment session).

The metrics required are –

  • Total number of students from that JEE major testing session
  • Higher scores were obtained by the student in that JEE Main session
  • The number of students who scored less than the candidate whose percentage is calculated

Example – To calculate the percentage of student A obtained 340 out of 360 when the total number of students who passed the exam was 30,000 and those who received under candidate A was 29,500, then

Percent = (29,500 / 30,000) x100 = 98.333 ..percentile

Percentile Scores are calculated up to 7 decimal places to avoid the effects of accumulation and reduction of bonds.

JEE Key Percentage: NTA Orientation Process

What is the Percentile-Based Practice Process?

The NTA adopted the General Practice Process to compile rating lists to ensure that JEE participants do not benefit or are disadvantaged due to the level of difficulty of testing.

According to the JEE 2021 NTA Notice, General Practice is an established practise for comparing candidate points across multiple paper sessions.

To make it harder, the NTA will use a percentage equation.

  • Percentile Scores, which are marks obtained in a test, are converted to a scale from 100 to 0 for a particular test session. You can change the percentage points (your marks on the test) to make a scale from 100-0 for a particular test session.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Percentile Score indicates the percentage of students who scored EQUAL OR LOW (same or lower green points) that percentage in that examination. Thus, the higher you get the higher points for each session you will get 100 percent, which is desirable.
  • The Percentile Score will be the Normalized Score of the test (instead of the green marks for the student) and used to compile lists of goods.

JEE Main Tie Breaker Guidelines:

The JEE Main 2022 Tie-Breaker process includes the following process:

  • The tie-breaker rule is applicable when two or more targets score the same percentage points, based on the inter-se-merit determination factor.
  • First, those who want to get the highest score in the statistics will be selected first.
  • Next, if the tie persists, the candidate, who earns the highest marks in Physics, is considered to be the highest.
  • In addition, if there is still a tie, the applicant will be highly ranked if he or she will get higher marks in Chemistry than others.
  • Lastly, the old candidate will find the most popular and the highest quality.


Q. Is 37 a good percentile for JEE?

Ans: I’m sorry but you may not even be able to qualify for JEE Mains at this percentile. The expected cut this year is 75-78 per cent. To qualify for JEE Mains one needs to get a position in the top 224000 students and with this percentile, your level will be around 5,80,000.

Q. Is 67 a good score in JEE Mains?

Ans: According to the previous year’s data, your expected percentile will be between 82 to 87.

Q. What is the rank of IIT Bombay?

Ans: Students must secure a standard among the top 2,24,000 * (covering all categories) on Paper 1 of JEE Main, and only one will be eligible for admission to IIT Bombay.

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