JEE Main 2022 Number of Attempts – How Many Times Can We Give JEE Main

JEE Main 2022 Number of Attempts – How Many Times Can We Give JEE Main

JEE Main 2022 Number of Attempts: The Joint Entrance Exam commonly referred to as the JEE, is designed to give students the opportunity to attend various engineering colleges throughout India. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced that by 2022, JEE will be conducted twice. Once in April (16-21) and again in May (24-29). When preparing for a JEE, you should be aware of the amount of effort you put into organizing your studies accordingly.

JEE Main 2022

The NTA issued an official notice on 1 March 2022, providing various details of JEE Main 2022. The registration process has begun and will continue until 5 pm on 31 March 2022. Many changes are being introduced by the NTA in terms of test patterns. Unlike last year, JEE will be rolled out in only 2 phases this year. In addition, in category B, negative marking systems are also introduced.

Revised Criteria of JEE

There have been some changes regarding student eligibility at JEE Main. There is no set age limit for applicants. Any student who has passed the 12th board exam in 2020, 2021, or 2022, may come from JEE Main. The NTA also reduced the weight given 12 marks. Former students of the general category were required to obtain at least 75% marks in order to be admitted after deleting JEE. Now, they need to provide a 12th-grade pass certificate at the time of admission.

Total JEE Attempt Number

If you are a student who will be trying JEE Main 2022, you need to know all the changes made by NTA in 2022. Unlike previous years, 2022 brings many updates about test patterns, eligibility, and the marking system.

For your convenience, all the changes presented by the NTA are listed below:

  • Candidates may apply for JEE Main on the basis of merit and not on the basis of the number of previous attempts. This means that previously JEE Main has been run 4 times, but by 2022, it will be run twice.
  • If you are a student who will appear on the 12th class board in 2022 or pass the 12th board exam in 2020 or 2021, you can apply for JEE Main 2022 regardless of your age.
  • A major JEE effort in 2022 will be considered a single effort.
  • You can appear in both JEE Main tests.

Benefits of Reduced Efforts

Any change brings a certain tension to the people, and when it is connected to our work, any change is of great concern to us. Some of you should be concerned about the declining number of JEE efforts. However, there is a silver line on this as well.

Some of the benefits of a modified test pattern are listed below:

  • If you are a 12th grader who will be trying to JEE for the first time, you have extra time to prepare for both exams.
  • With reduced effort, the stress of your test will decrease, and this will ultimately result in better performance.
  • As there is no age limit, it will be beneficial for older applicants.

Key JEE Qualification Tests

The most important requirement for taking the JEE Main is a qualified 12th-grade board. However, some relevant tests have the same value as passing the 12th grade.

These tests include:

  • You are eligible for the final exam of the 2-year course offered by the Joint Service Wing of the NDA.
  • Eligibility for High School Examination (at least 5 subjects) by the National Institute of Open 
  • Any examination conducted in India or any other country recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) is equivalent to the examination of the 12th class board.
  • You are eligible for the Second Senior Certificate Examination Examination.
  • Completion of a diploma course with a 3-year study period accredited by AICTE or the Regional technical education board.
  • Completing the GCE exam from Srilanka / London / Cambridge high quality.

JEE Main 2022 Application Process

Students can follow the steps outlined below to complete the JEE Main, 2022 enrollment process successfully.


  • All new applicants are required to register online for JEE Main 2022.
  • Students who have previously applied can use their pre-registration credentials to sign in.

Filling in the details

  • After completing the enrollment process, all students must complete their academic, personal, and contact details.
  • All applicants need to select 4 preferences to check JEE Main.
  • In this step, applicants must write down their application number generated by the program in order to reuse it.
  • Students are required to provide a scanned copy of their signature and photo. The photo must contain the applicant’s name and the date of taking the photo.

JEE Main 2022 Topic Composition

The different sections of the JEE Main have a combination of different topics. Students need to have these lessons in their eligibility tests. A combination of the titles of all three categories is listed below:

  • B.Tech/B.E: Mathematics and Physics are compulsory subjects. In addition, students need to have a degree in chemistry, biotechnology or biology as a third subject.
  • B.Planning: Mathematics is a compulsory subject.
  • B.Arch: Students are required to pass Maths, Chemistry, and Physics in any competency test.

Key JEE Criteria for repeat applicants

There is no age limit for applicants wishing to choose a JEE after completing class 12. However, if you are a repeat applicant, you should consider the factors listed below:

  • You can choose JEE Main for three consecutive years after completing 12th grade.
  • You must have passed all the compulsory courses in the competency test.
  • To gain admission to IITs, NITs, and CFTIs, you need to earn at least 75% aggregated points or be in the top 20% of your eligible board.
  • Documents Required to Appear in JEE Main

Applicants are required to have the following documents for 2022 JEE Main:

  • Educational documents: Applicants must submit their 10th-grade marks. Although a 12th-grade sheet is required, it is not mandatory at the time of application. However, students need to produce their 12th-grade marks at the time of admission. Without this document, their entry may be cancelled.
  • Proof of ownership: You need proof of identity provided by the Indian government.
  • Signature and picture: You need to have a scanned image and a signature with a size of 100 KB and a minimum of 10 KB.

Q. Can I qualify JEE by preparing with HC Verma alone?

Answers. There is no doubt that HC Verma is an excellent book for understanding the concepts of Physics. All theories are well defined to capture information easily. However, you need to follow NCERT to know the syllabus. Almost all questions are asked in NCERT publications. Therefore, in order to increase your chances of being selected, you need to follow a variety of checklists, NCERT books, notes given to teachers, and HC Verma books.

Q. What is the prime way to prepare for JEE Maths?

Answers. To succeed in JEE Main, students need to have good command and understanding of all the subjects of the 11th and 12th Maths syllabus. In particular, you need to carefully cover all the chapters of the NCERT maths book and follow the relevant reference books to familiarize yourself with the many questions. Apart from this, you should also solve practice questionnaires, mock exams, and last year’s question papers to improve your preparation.

Q. Are NCERT books enough to crack JEE Main 2022?

Answers. About 80-90% of the questions asked in JEE Main come from NCERT publications. You need to carefully complete the NCERT books at least 2-3 times during your preparation for JEE Main. However, in order to improve your problem-solving skills, you need to get used to solving many questions. To do this, you must refer to supporting books and sample papers.

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