CBSE Class 12 Music Hindustani vocal Syllabus for 2023-24

CBSE Class 12 Music Hindustani vocal Syllabus

Music Hindustani vocal Syllabus: CBSE Syllabus for Music Hindustani vocal of Class 12 (Vocal) Hindus: Knowing the syllabus is very important for students of the 12. Shaalaa class and provide a list of topics that every student needs to understand.
The CBSE syllabus for Class 12 Hindustani Music (Vocal) for the 2022-2023 academic year is based on Board guidelines. Students should study the 12th class of Hindustani Music (Vocal) to learn the subject headings and subheadings.
Students will find unit names, chapters under each unit, and subheadings under each chapter in the Hindustani Music (Vocal) Class 12 syllabus pdf 2022-2023 of CBSE. They will also receive a full working-class syllabus for Class 12 Hindustani Music (Vocal). In addition to this..

Music Hindustani vocal Syllabus

Sr NoTopicsNo of Periods
1One Vilambit Khayal with simple elaborations and few Tanas in any two of the prescribed Ragas.18
2One Drut Khayal with simple elaborations and few tanas in the following Ragas- Bhairav, Bageshri, and Malkauns.42
3One Tarana and one Dhamar with dugun andchaugun in any one of the prescribed Ragas.10
4Ability to recognize the Ragas from the Phrases of swaras rendered by the examiner.10
5Recitation of the Thekas of Jhaptala, Rupak, and Dhamar with Dugun and Chaugun, keeping tala with handbeats.15
6Tuning of Tanpura.05

Q. What are the 2 specified styles of singing in Hindustani music?

Ans: The major vocal forms or styles associated with ancient Hindustani music are dhrupad, khyal, and Tarana.

Q. What is observed in Hindustani vocal music?

Ans: The normal Hindustani performance, which may last more than an hour, begins with a long, non-metric (alapa, or alap) development by the singer or soloist, followed by a jor, or a development outside the metric cycle but with an audible heartbeat, and finally. with the same speed but faster.

Q. What are the dynamics of Hindustani music?

Ans: The tempo classes (lay) in Hindustani music can vary between ati-vilaṃbit (very slow), vilaṃbit (slow), Madhya (medium), dr°t (fast) to ati-dhr°t (very fast).

Q. What is Hindustani Vocal Music?

Ans: Hindustani Vocal Music includes Hindustani classical music (North India) and Carnatic music (South India).

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