CBSE Board Class XII 12th Music Melodic Instruments Syllabus & Music Theory notes

Music Melodic Instruments: The CBSE Board completed a two-term Board Examination program approved last year due to the Covid 19 virus nationwide. The opportunity to offer their Board exams in two terms. Next year, the Board has completed its two-part program and has released CBSE Board Syllabus 2023 for one

Music Melodic Instruments Syllabus & Music Theory notes

NoUnitNo of periods
Unit 108
1.1A brief study of the following :
Gram, Murchhana,Alankar, Alap, Tana.
1.2A brief study of the following:
Gamak, Meend, Kan, krintan, Zamzama, Ghaseet, Sut.
Unit 205
2.1Historical development of the Time Theory of Ragas05
Unit 308
3.1Detail study of the following:
Sangeet Ratnakar
Sangeet Parijat
3.2Life Sketch and Contribution of Inayat Khan, Mushtaq Ali Khan, Alauddin Khan04
Unit 409
4.1Description of Prescribed Talas along with Tala Notation with Thah, Dugun, Tiguan and Chaugun prescribed :
4.2Tuning of the Instrument was opted for.05
Unit 510
5.1Critical study of Prescribed Ragas along with Recognizing Ragas phrases of Swaras and elaborating them (Excluding Raga Shuddha Sarang)04
5.2Writing in Notation the Compositions of Prescribed Ragas : Bhairav, Bageshri, Malkauns06

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Q. What if someone falls ill during boards?

Answers. Students should be able to write if they suddenly become ill or have an accident: A notice posted on the Board’s website on March 1 states that students who have been suddenly sick or disabled as a result of an accident can use the author. In such cases.

Q. What if a student fails in one subject?

Answers. If you fail one exam, you may be able to reappear in a component test, which is usually conducted in the next few months. If you fail in two or more subjects, you are said to have failed, and you will have to repeat level 12.

Q. What is a compartment exam?

Answers. In short, compartment tests are for those students who have failed one or two subjects in their 10 or 12 class board exams. The Board offers such students three opportunities to pass the CBSE Compartment Exam.

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