The Notice Writing format for Class 12 with Examples  

Greetings students You have reached the right website to learn about Notice Writing Format, so welcome to the scoring answers. In order to eliminate all of your uncertainty and help you become an expert notice writer, let’s first discuss what notice is and then move on to some examples. Students in class 12 frequently have trouble understanding the structures and writing styles of notices.

What is a “Notice”?

Notice is a written, printed notification or piece of information. Notices are either posted in visible locations or published in newspapers and periodicals. A notice’s tone and language are professional and factual since it includes a formal declaration or piece of information. It should use straightforward, standard language. Notice is usually brief and direct.

The Notice Writing format for Class 12 with Examples  

Important points to remember while writing a Notice:

  • Mind the 50-word restriction that has been set.
  • At the top, write the word NOTICE.
  • The school, organization, or agency providing the Notice should be identified by name and location.
  • Use appropriate headings.
  • Mention all the relevant information (date, venue, time).
  • Indicate the date the notification was issued.
  • Mention the target group in detail (for whom the notice is to be displayed).
  • Reason for the notification.
  • Signature, name, and title of the issuer of the notification
  • Place the notification in a box.

Format of Notice Writing for class 12: 

The Notice Writing Format for Class 12 with Example:-

Almost all exam boards, such as CBSE and other State boards, will demand that students write an English essay on a certain subject. Students may learn how to write notifications in an organized and framed way from this article.

It can also be used to enlighten the whole public or a specific group of individuals. The main goal of a notice is to alert people about various issues or happenings.

It is often short, to the point, and written in a formal, straightforward manner. Normally, notices are disseminated to the public on an organization’s noticeboard, in newspapers, or in other periodicals.

Written notices that announce and convey various events or send precise and important information are known as notices. They try to attract the attention of a certain audience. We shall learn about notice writing in this article. Let’s examine what note writing is in reality.
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Importance Of Notice Writing in CBSE:-

One of the most important tasks is notice writing format, not only for people who do it often but also for students in CBSE Classes 11 and 12, as notice-writing is a significant part of both the CBSE Class 11 and 12 English courses.

To get the best results on the CBSE Exams, one needs to be proficient at writing notices. A formal technique to communicate is via writing a notification. Writing a notice is intended to communicate a certain piece of information to a group of people.

Usually, they are displayed where interested persons may view them. It is one of the most often employed communication methods.

Notice Writing Topics

Topics for Writing a Notice There are many different reasons to write a notice. In every situation, the notice-writing format is the same. The following subjects for notice writing are provided to students:

  • an event a competition a journey
  • a report of lost and found
  • An inauguration will occur
  • A demonstration
  • A blood donation camp will be organized, as well as any similar activities or information that will be made available to the public.

Notice Writing Class 12 – Marks Breakup

According to CBSE standards, the 5 marks for class 12 English writing abilities – notice writing are broken down as follows:

Format01 mark
Organization of Ideas01 mark
Content02 marks
Accuracy of Spelling and Grammar01 mark

     Total   05 Marks

Samples and examples of questions and format for answers in notice writing:-

  1. The water supply will be suspended for eight hours (10 am to 6 pm) on the 6th of March for cleaning of the water tank. Write a notice in about 50 words advising the residents to store water for a day. You are Karan Kumar/Karuna Bajaj, Secretary, Janata Group Housing Society, Palam Vihar, Kurnool. (CBSE 2016)
Janata Group Housing Society, Palam Vihar, Kurnool.
March 01, 201X
This notice is to inform all the residents regarding the suspension of the water supply for 8 hours. The water tank is being cleaned while this is written. Here are the specifics:Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on March 6. Therefore, in order to reduce the difficulties, we ask that you reserve the necessary quantity of water in advance.
 Many thanks, 
Karuna Bajaj and Karan Kumar
  1. You are the Secretary of Gymkhana Club, Madurai. Write a notice in not more than 50 words informing the members to attend an extraordinary meeting of the governing body. Include details. like date, time, venue, etc. Sign as PrabhufPratibha. (All India 2011)
Gymkhana Club, Madurai
Extraordinary Meeting of Governing Body
22nd September, 20xx
The Club’s governing board will meet in a special session on Tuesday, September 20, at 4 p.m. in the Club Conference Room to explore how to change the Club’s policy for defaulter members with significant unpaid dues.
  1. Due to a sudden landslide and inclement weather, St. Francis School, Vasco has to be closed for a week. As the Principal of that school, draft notice in not more than 50 words to be displayed at the school main gate notice board. (All India 2011)
St. Francis School, Vasco
School Closed for a Week
3rd January, 20xx
All are thus advised that due to the unexpected landslide and bad weather during the previous several days, the school will be closed for one week. The 10th of January, 20xx, will mark the return of the school.
  1. You are Secretary of J.P. Narain Housing Society, R.W.A., Meerut. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words stating that the second instalment of maintenance charges falls due on 31st March 2011, and requesting the members to pay before the due date. Sign as Anil/Anita. (All India 2011)
J.P. Narain Housing Society
This notice informs all Residents’ Welfare Association members that the second maintenance charge instalment is due on March 31, 2011. To avoid late payment fees, kindly make your payment before the deadline.
You are reminded that the same just costs 550.
AnilSecretary, R.W.A.
  1. You are Asma/Ashish, the head girl/boy of XYZ international school. Your school is soon going to publish the annual magazine next month. Write a notice for the notice board of your school inviting students to submit write-ups.
March 01, 2019
This is to let all of the kids know that our school’s yearly magazine will be published the following month. Anyone wishing to participate is welcome to submit their entries to [email protected] Posts must be submitted no later than March 30, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. You can choose any subject to study. Please speak with the professors of your relevant classes for more details.
Thank you
Asma/AshishHead Girl/Head Boy
  1. You are Ruhi/Rahul, head girl/boy of ABC convent school. Your school is going to organize an inter-school singing competition. Write a notice for your school notice board inviting the names of all the interested students.
March 01, 2019
An interschool singing competition will be held at our school on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, at 12 p.m. The event will involve more than 20 schools from throughout the city. Interested students should get in touch with the signatories by March 10 at the latest.
Head girl/boy
  1. You are the Sports Secretary of Lalwani Public School, Udaipur. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice board asking the students to give their names for participation in various events to be held on the Annual Sports Day of your school. Invent the details of the events. Sign as Lalit/Lalita. (All India 2011)
Lalwani Public School
6th November, 20xx
The annual sports day for our school is being held on November 30, 20xx. Students are thus notified that they must submit their names in order to compete in the different sports day events. The following is a list of the events:
100 meters race
high jump
200 meters relay
short put
Please give your names to the undersigned latest by the 10th of November during the ‘0’ period in the Sports Room.
Sports Secretary
  1. You are Vineeta/Vikram, School Pupil Leader of Rani Laxmi Bai Senior Secondary School, Gwalior. Draft a notice for your school notice board in not more than 50 words inviting the names of the students who want to participate in the cultural program organized in aid of the victims of the recent Assam floods. (All India 2013)
Rani Laxmi Bai Sr. Sec. School
12th September 2013
Relief for Assam Flood Victims Our school is organizing a cultural program in aid of victims of the recent Assam Floods on 30th September, 20xx. The different categories of the program include singing, dance, skits, and elocution. Students, who are interested to participate in this program for a noble cause, may give their names to the undersigned latest by the 16th of September.
Vineeta/Vikram Pupil Leader2014

Some Questions related to Notice Writing Format:-

Q1. What do you mean by Notice?

Ans: A notice is a formal document that is used to display information to the public or to a specific set of people.

Q2.How should a 50-word message be written?

Ans: Important Reminders for Writing a Notice Obey the established word limit of 50. Type the word “NOTICE” at the top. The name and location of the institution, group, or organization giving the warning should be included.

Q3. What are the types of notices?

Ans: In India, there are four main sorts of notices: public notice, implied notice, actual notice, and constructive notice. Formal written communication is conveyed through notice writing. A notice’s main function is to inform a group of people about a specific event or set of conduct guidelines.

Q4. What is the purpose of the notice?

Ans: An official form of communication is a notification. A notice’s main function is to provide news or information to a particular audience.

Q5. What are the components of notice writing format?

Ans: Components of a Notice: 
Format for Writing a Notice
Organization name issuing the notice (agency or school)
Subject and the notice’s date of issuance.
Title or topic of the notice
Body of the notice (requires date, time, and length)
Name and signature are required for authorization.

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