What is the Capital of Assam?

Assam is a beautiful state of India in the northeast and is home to the world’s largest river island Majuli. The Capital of Assam is Dispur, just a locality of Guwahati. Dispur is not a city unlike the capitals of other states in India.

Capital of Assam: Dispur

The Assam Legislative Assembly and the Assam Secretariat are situated in the Dispur region. Earlier, the capital of Assam was Shillong. But, when Meghalaya attained statehood and Shillong became the capital of Meghalaya.

Hence, the state decided to build a new capital complex in the Dispur area of Guwahati, and thus Dispur was declared the Capital of Assam. The Assam Legislative Assembly and the Secretariat are situated in the Dispur region.

Capital City of Assam: Dispur

The suburb of Dispur thrives about 10 km away from Guwahati. Dispur is a traveller’s delight as it is enriched in flora and fauna and adorned with beautiful weather throughout the year.

The main attraction is the Sualkuchi weavers’ village which is well known for intricately woven mekhela chadors.

Prominent landmarks in Dispur include the Assam Assembly House and the Assam Secretariat, which are stately buildings. There is also the pilgrimage point of Bashistha Ashram, which lies at the confluence of the Kanta, Sandhya and Lalita rivers. Many migratory birds visit this rustic village during winters.

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The tea auction markets of Dispur are famous all over the Northeast. The Kamakhya Temple and the Navagraha Temple are not far from here. Also, the festivities of Bihu, which sees a grand celebration, are a cultural epitome.

Capital of Assam Guwahati?

People normally get confused when it comes to the Capital of Assam because Dispur, which is technically the capital of Assam, is just a suburb of the city of Guwahati. In contrast, Guwahati, on the other hand, is mesmerising. It is situated between the southern bank of the Brahmaputra River and the foothills of the Shillong plateau.

Guwahati is the Metropolis city of the Northeast. Assam has a rich traditional and cultural history, and Guwahati presents one with a glimpse of the same. From a religious point of view, Guwahati has one of the shaktipeeths in the country and a widely famous Kamakhya temple.

It also has the smallest river island in the world. Ramananda is famous for its rare golden Langoors. It is also famous by the name Gateway to Northeast India.

What is the Capital of Assam?

Before Dispur Capital of Assam?

In 1972 government took a big decision of shifting the capital of Assam from Shillong to Dispur. Shillong was the capital of Assam before shifting to Dispur.

Q. Which is the largest city in Assam?

Ans: The largest city in Assam is Guwahati.

Q. Is Guwahati the capital of Assam?

Ans: No. In 1973, Dispur, a locality of Guwahati, became the capital of Assam.

Q. Who is the CM of Assam?

Ans: Sri Himanta Biswa Sarma is the 15th Chief Minister of Assam.

Q. What is the capital of Assam known in Hindi?

Ans: In Hindi capital of Assam is the same as in English. In Hindi capital of Assam is दिसपुर.

Q. Who is the governor of the Assam?

Ans: Currently Prof. Jagdish Mukhi is the governor of the Assam.

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