What is the TRF Full Form in Banking in India?

TRF Full Form in Banking in India

TRF Full Form: The full form of TRF is transferred in other words TRF indicates the transfer of funds. TRF transfers funds from one branch to another branch of a bank. TMS is a system used in banks which automatically transfers funds from one branch to another branch. TMS (Treasury Management System) is a software used for the transfer of funds by banks.

In statements of account, bank passbook and SMS for transactions, you can notice TRF words.

In bank statements, TRF is mentioned to show debited or credited amounts in the account. In some cases, TRF also indicates the transfer of money by third parties.

Types of TRF


In MtR transaction is from one account to another account of the same branch or transaction from one branch to another branch. This type of fund transfer is done manually by a bank accounter at the request of the account holder.


DTR stands for direct financial transfer, it is also known as Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS). It is not done manually, this type of fund transfer is done by computer. This type of fund transfer method is used to transfer small amounts of routine transfers like salary transfers.

Requirement of Transfer

TRF Charges:

When customers use internet banking and message service to do transactions and know their balance Enquiry, banks charge for their service as TRF.

So TRF is not only charged at fund transfer but it also charges at message service also.

There is no charge for the transfer of money from the same bank account to another same bank account.

NEFT transaction 

In NEFT transactions charge Rs 2.50 upto Rs 10,000 and above Rs 10,000 bank charge Rs 5.00.

RTGS transaction 

The bank charges Rs 5.00 per transaction.


Q. What is TRF payment?

Ans: TRF payment also refers to the transfer of funds in your bank account.

Q. Why do banks apply for TRF?

Ans: In return for message enquiry service and internet, banking Bank applies TRF Charges.

Q. What are the operating hours of NEFT?

Ans: You can use NEFT transactions 24 hours a day.

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