When JEE Advanced Exam held in 2022

Jee Advanced Exam held in 2022: Scoringanswer.com provides some important details about JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced will be held on 3 July, and registration starts on 8 June, and the last date of registration is 14 June.

There are two papers in JEE Advanced. Both papers have 3 sections. Each paper has 18 questions from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 

Each paper consists of 183 marks. Total Marks in JEE Advanced is 366.

Paper 1(183)+ Paper 2(183)= 366 Marks

JEE Advanced 2022 Exam Important Details:

Topic Information 
Registration starts from8 June to 14 June
Admit Card27 June
jee advanced 2022 exam date3 JulyPaper 1(9:00 -12:00)morning paper 2( 2:30 PM-5:30 PM)
Subjects Both Paper have three subjects: Physics Chemistry Mathematics 
ModeOnline mode
Duration Three hours 
Total No. of Questions 54
Total Marks 366
Review of the answers 9 July 
Result declaration18 July
Counselling (JoSSA)19 July

Marking Scheme in JEE Advanced Paper 1{jee advanced 2022 syllabus}

Section Question TypeNumber of Questions Weightage 
1Single correct answer MCQ618
2Single correct answer624
3Numerical Value Answer624

Marking Scheme in JEE Advanced Paper 2

Section Question TypeNumber of Questions Weightage 
1More than correct answer MCQ624
2Numerical Value type questions 624
3Single-digit Integer answer 618

Questions from these below-given topics frequently come in JEE Advanced Exam:


Topic Weightage 
Heat Transfer5-6%
Fluid Mechanics 10-11%
Thermodynamics 13-14%
Sounds Waves4-5%
Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision 5-6%
Electromagnetic Induction19-20%
Wave motion and String Motion6-7%
Modern Physics8-7%


Topic Weightage 
P- Block Elements 13-14%
Hydrocarbons 11-12%
Atomic Structure 14-15%
Thermodynamics 6-7%
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids13-14%
Solid State4-5%
Solutions 6-7%
Coordination Compounds4-5%
Chemical Bonding3-4%
Organic Chemistry 10-11%


Topic Weightage 
3-D Geometry 20-21%
Theory of Equations 9-10%
Trigonometry 5-6%
Differential Equations 4-5%
Limits and Continuity 5-6%
Matrices 4-5%
Probability 3-5%
Area of Bounded Area6-7%
Application of Derivatives 19-20%
Definite Integrals13-14%
Set, Relation and Functions 3-4%

JEE Previous Year Subject wise Question Paper Analysis


The Physics portion of the JEE Advanced is easy to moderate level. Some questions in Physics are difficult and tricky. The topics that from difficult questions are set are given below:


Candidates feel that the chemistry part is easier than physics but more tricky than physics.

According to students, the chapter that from tricky questions come in JEE Advanced are:

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry 
  • Physical Chemistry 

After seeing the previous year’s paper, we can conclude that 4-5 questions in chemistry are easy, 10-12 are moderate, and 2-3 are difficult.


According to many students, Maths portions are lengthy and take more time to solve. Some questions are easy and more questions are moderate.

The chapters from which most of the questions take much time are:

  • Algebra 
  • Vectors 
  • Trigonometry 
  • Geometry

Expecting Marks-Rank Criteria jee advanced 2022 eligibility criteria

Rank Range Marks Range

Advantages of knowing JEE Marks- Rank Criteria:

You will be able to know how marks you need to get your desirable rank. And you will also know the minimum rank to qualify for the rank list.

Q. How rank is decided in JEE Advanced?

Ans: The score obtained by a candidate in JEE Advanced decides the candidate’s rank. Candidates with higher marks will get a higher rank. Sometimes both candidates get similar marks. In this case, there are some tie-breaking rules that JEE Advanced follows to decide the rank of the candidates.

Q. Is JEE Main tougher than JEE Advanced?

Ans: No, JEE Advanced is more difficult than JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced questions are more difficult and tricky than JEE Main.

Q. Is there any change in the JEE 2022 syllabus?

Ans: There is no reduction in the JEE 2022 syllabus. NTA hasn’t given any information about the reduction of the syllabus

Q. Is scoring full marks possible IN JEE Advanced?

Ans: Scoring full marks in any exam is possible if you prepare properly for any exam.

Q. How to get good marks in JEE Advanced?

Ans: To get good marks in JEE Advanced, you should go through the whole syllabus of JEE Advanced, practise NCERT Books, NCERT books are the basic books for the JEE Advanced, make a plan to distribute your study time equally for all subjects, do not skip any topics and read topics deeply, Practice daily previous year papers to familiarise yourself with the pattern of JEE.

Q. How rank is decided if 2 Aspirants of JEE Advanced have the same marks?

Ans: The higher the score on the positive scale the higher rank, Candidates that have scored higher in Maths will get a higher rank, If still there is a tie situation then the candidates that have scored greater marks in physics get a higher rank.

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